Music Rant

--I am a fan of some of the new music that is currently out there, but it always fascinates me to see when a legend of rock releases an album.  So I was more than intrigued when I saw a new album released yesterday by former Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler.  Knopfler, now 64, has been releasing solo albums since Dire Straits called it quits in 1995 and this album is just as strong as anything he has done in the past.  

Knopfler is not only an excellent guitarist, but he is a talented lyricist and singer with a haunting voice that reverberates throught all of the tracks on the new disc.  So it is my recommendation that you check out "Privateering."  If you wanna hear one of the songs, listen to Mountain 101 for "Redbud Tree," the first single off the new disc.


That is all I have to rant about....for now