E-Staff Positions

There are often openings in E-Staff positions each semester.  If you're interested in applying for a position, fill out this form.


Station Manager

Manages the on-air product.  From the talent to the events, this person has their hand in everything.  Needs to be willing to learn and teach all jobs at a moments notice.

Business Grants Manager

Must have a strong motivational drive.  Oversees a team who seek underwriting sponsorship, including training staff.  Also, must work with traffic department and promotions department to ensure that their clients are taken care of.

News Director

Manages the reporting staff who give news reports at various times of the day.

Sports Director

Responsible for having a reporting and sports staff.  Schedules coverage of live reporting, board operators and possible calling the games.  Needs a strong sports background.

Traffic Director

They are responsible for generating daily broadcast logs and scheduling of imaging, underwriting and liners.  Needs to have a great attention to detail.  Oversees traffic assistants who must perform their job in a timely fashion.

Promotions Director

Responsible for promoting the station, keeping positive relations with clients, planning remotes or live events with the station and keeping the station fresh in the listeners' mind.

Production Director

Responsible for mixing, editing or making the imaging, underwriting, or other content for the station.

Public Service Director

Sorts public service announcements from organizations looking to promote charities or non profit events or casues.  Often writes and produces material for broadcast.

Web Master

Maintains the Web site, trains the staff how to use it correctly.  Makes sure the site is current and user friendly.

Program Director for Each Station

Responsible for the content on their station.  This includes scheduling staff, remotes, and promotions and contests.

Music Director for Each Station

Selects the music for the station.  Picks the upcoming trends and hits for the stations.