Jeff Daniels visits Plachta

Jeff Daniels performed for a packed house on Tuesday night in Plachta auditorium on CMU’s campus as part of the Max and Emily’s winter concert series. Despite cold temperatures and canceled classes 1,250 people attended. Throughout the concert Daniels had the crowd up and moving. During the performance Daniels said that he himself was a CMU alumni. Daniels recently won the 2013 Emmy Award for Best Lead Actor in a Drama series and showed his Emmy to the crowd. Daniels also performed in the Mount Pleasant area in 2010 and in 2011.

CMU Looks for new Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity

Central Michigan University is looking for a new Associate Vice President for Institutional Diversity. The position involves creating an environment that would help expand diversity efforts on campus, while working with faculty, students, and the administration. Three finalists were selected following a national search, and each will visit the Mount Pleasant campus next month. The finalists are Lee Gill, Marco Barker, and Carolyn Dunn. All three will make appearances in the Bovee University Center for an open forum during their visit. Currently the AVP position is held by interim Traci Guinn, following former AVP Denise Green’s resignation in 2012 and move to Toronto.

Another Artic Blast for Michigan

Residents in the Michigan area have to get ready for another flash of Artic cold. The national weather service is predicting very cold temperatures and wind chills below zero, quite possibly until Wednesday. Ron Leix, public information officer for the Michigan state police emergency management and homeland security divisions, is telling residents to wear protective gear when they are outside. Also beware of the signs of hypothermia, which include shivering, memory loss, drowsiness and exhaustion. Leix is telling residents to weather-proof their doors and windows, and also check their heating units. Taking these precautions will help protect family and friends in these terribly low temperatures.

Trey Radel Resigns

Republican congressman, Trey Radel from Florida, is resigning Monday due to a charge of cocaine possession. Radel was just recently arrested for the cocaine and abandoned his position as a congressman to attend rehab. The arrest caused the republican party of Florida to ask that he steps down from his role as congressman. Radel has accepted their request and apologized for the cocaine incident.

Increased Animal Adoptions in Isabella County

The Humane Animal Treatment Society of Isabella County has increased the amount of animal adoptions since last year and has exceeded the national average of rescues by 47 percent. The save rate for dogs housed in the shelter in the year 2013 increased to 93 percent and the save rate for cats increased to 71 percent. Due to the hard work of donors and volunteers, more animals have been saved and the euthanasia rates have dropped immensely.