Crews Retrieve Cars from Kentucky Sinkhole

Crews began excavating from a sinkhole in Kentucky today. Last month, eight corvettes fell into a sinkhole in the National Corvette Museum. Crews have set up a webcam as they put up supports and use a crane to pull out the cars.

Here's a link to a YouTube video of one of the cars being excavated.

Here's a link to the museum's homepage. They've been offering sporadic live feed during the recovery efforts.

Snow Day Make-up Bill

A new bill proposed in the state aimed at offering a new aspect on snow day make-ups is not likely to have any effect on Mid-Michigan. Representative Phil Potvin created a bill that would allow school districts to have the option to make up their snow days in hours instead of days. State law requires students to have 1,098 hours of instruction a school year. Jennifer Verleger, assistant superintendent for human resources, said that in Mount Pleasant schools the snow day make-up policy will not change and will continue to add days of instruction as opposed to hours. Mount Pleasant schools will have to make up approximately a day and a half of instruction time at the end of the year.

Mt. Pleasant Searches for New City Manager

The search for a new city manager for the city of Mount Pleasant is underway.  Colin Baenzinger, of Colin Baenzinger and Associates, spoke to commissioners at Monday’s council meeting, outlining the process to find a new city manager.  The extensive process begins in March, in which the position will be open to candidates.  The final date to submit applications is April 4.  A screening process will take place for applicants and then candidates will be narrowed down by the end of April.  The city will make its final selection June 9.

Lil' Chef Closes

Lil’ Chef, a popular Mount Pleasant restaurant, has been sold to Labelle Management after 20 years. The owner, Jim Steele, is calling it quits and retiring. The restaurant will close its doors for good this upcoming Sunday. Lil’ Chef has become a traditional eating spot for CMU’s police officers as well as many of the students. It will definitely be a loss for the community as well as the employees of the restaurant who now have to find new jobs.

New Parking Plan for Mt. Pleasant

Mount Pleasant plans to implement a trial run for a new parking plan soon. Following a 2012 parking study conducted by Walter Parking Consultants, commissioners decided that the goals of the parking system restructuring are to improve neighborhoods, limit traffic signage, reduce unnecessary traffic, improve meter positioning and explore on-street payment options. They are in favor of installing new smart meters over the summer, expanding meters along west campus drive from bellows street to Preston Street and increasing parking enforcement contracting with Central Michigan University. They all agreed that the goal is not to increase parking revenue but to change parking behavior. Commissioners stressed that a community meeting would be held before making any permanent changes.