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Lorielle Walker - 101.1 Music Director


Hello! My name is Lorielle Walker, I’m currently a Junior here at CMU, and I’m the new Music Director for 101.1 The Beat.

 Music has been a longstanding component in my life from a very early age. Being that I have such a close-knit family, I was immersed in a variety of different genres. This allowed me to appreciate everything from Jazz, Classical, R&B, Rock, and most importantly, Hip Hop. 

As I grow and learn the ropes of this thing we call life, I realize that Hip Hop has played a huge role in who I am as a young woman and a music fanatic. It’s an entity of its own and is responsible for a huge chunk if not every facet of worldwide culture. I could go on for days about this concept but I’ll spare you the reading. 

My appreciation for Hip Hop and music in general lead me to the creation of my radio/TV show The Lo Down. Before I ventured into radio, I was an on-air anchor for News Central 34 and a DJ for Mountain 101 The Summit of Sound (which was at the time an alternative music station). It was then that I realized something was missing. Passion. This lead to the birth of The Lo Down which is now broadcasted through 101.1 The Beat and MHTV. 

Taking on the responsibility of Music Director for “The Beat” is a task that fits into my daily life and I look forward to providing CMU with all of the gems Hip Hop and R&B has to offer.