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Hunter Jonas - Business Grants Director


I’m Hunter Jonas and I have been in broadcasting since 2014. I started out by doing the football stats for all of the media outlets in the Grand Haven area. 103.5 WAWL was one of the media outlets that seen my hard work and took me under their wing. I learned how to do sideline reporting, color commentating, play by play, the leveling board, a morning talk show and sales.

I am now in my junior year at Central Michigan University, majoring in broadcasting and minoring in electronic media sales. The title of Business Grants Director is just a fancy way of saying I collaborate with businesses to create marketing plans that generate money for the company and WMHW. I’m fired up about where the sales department is and it looks to be a great big beautiful tomorrow for WMHW and the sales team.

Feel free to email at: wmhwbusiness@gmail.com