Brittney Antonelli- WMHW Graduate Assistant

Hello! I’m Brittney Antonelli, Graduate Assistant for WMHW. I am in my second year of grad school and have thoroughly enjoy my time this far. I completed my undergrad at Adrian College and received my bachelor’s degree in communications. Broadcasting has become a huge part of my life and I can’t see myself without it.


In my free time I enjoy binge watching television shows. I am currently awaiting the season premiere for nine shows. Yeah.. I watch a lot of TV. On top of that I love music. Whenever I can, I am listening to broadcast radio. I enjoy keeping up with the radio world and hearing the new advances. Audio production is probably my favorite area to work with.


I have two dogs and I love them dearly. I am a huge dog person. I will never say no to seeing a picture of your dog. Anyways, I love CMU and all WMHW has to offer. I’m always up for answering questions or discussing radio!