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Kyle Fields - Web/Internet Director

Hey I'm Kyle Fields. I am the Web/Internet Director for WMHW.  I love radio a lot and have been a part of WMHW for all four years of my years at CMU. I fortunately have the opportunity to work on the website you are currently visiting. I also love audio production, and my dream job is to work in film production one day.

In addition to broadcasting, I have the tremendous honor to be a part of the Chippewa Marching Band. Recently, I have been selected to be the Section Leader for the Bones for the 2017 season. Not only is the CMB my family, but I also have learned valuable lessons about leadership, collaboration, and empathy from my time with the band.

I also really like photography. Feel free to check out some of photos on Instagram or my website for some of my sample work.

Feel free to email me at: webmasterwmhw@gmail.com