E-Staff Positions Opening for Spring

E-Staff Positions Opening for Spring

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December Graduation!


The Fall Semester is coming to a close and some of our esteemed executive staff members are graduating and leaving us. That can only mean one thing: some of our E-Staff positions are opening up next semester!


Here are the positions that will be open for the Spring Semester:

Mountain 91.5 Music Director:

As Music Director, you would be in charge of maintaining the music library for Mountain 91.5. This entails finding new artists, listening to new songs, and adding the appropriate music to the library to play one air.

Promotions Director:

As Promotions Director, your job is getting the station’s name out there in the community. Brainstorming creative and effective promotional events for the stations is the name of the game.

Social Media Director:

Social media is the key to connecting with your listeners on a daily basis and as social media director, this would be your domain. Updating and maintaining the social media accounts for both 101.1 The Beat and Mountain 91.5 would be one of your responsibilities. Social media is an evolving medium and incredibly applicable to your media career!

Traffic Director:

As Traffic Director, your job is make sure everything on the stations runs smoothly. You are behind the scenes scheduling out the day, adding the glue that connects the station identity and the music. This is position is a great entry-level skill to get your foot in the door in the radio industry.



To apply for one or more of these positions, fill out the Google Form E-Staff Application by clicking the link below. Fill out the form and submit to Moore 183 by November 29th.

New Mountain Music for 11/12

New Mountain Music for 11/12